Photo courtesy Colonialism No More – Solidarity Camp Regina, Facebook

The Colonialism No More group in Regina is holding strong as it marks one month of camping outside the INAC office.

Since April 18, the camps popped up outside six regional Indigenous and Northern Affairs offices across Canada to protest the conditions that led to Attawapiskat’s suicide crisis.

To date, only Winnipeg and Regina are still set up.

The Regina group, called Colonialism No More, has found new fuel for its calls to end colonial policies.

Most recently, they’re citing a report that highlights child poverty on reserve.

The group got off to a rocky start when fences were put up at the request of the property owner, but they’ve held their ground.

They say they have been in talks with top INAC administrators in the province.

Its members are still asking for a list of demand to be met – which includes better off-reserve supports and revoking the Indian Act.

Colonialism No More is holding a potluck tonight and inviting members of the public to visit and celebrate its month-long occupation.

– with files from Manfred Joehnck