Trevor Cook was escorted from court in February. Photo courtesy Curtis Brown.

A Prince Albert man says he regrets an angry outburst after his brother’s killer was sentenced, but Curtis Brown is still struggling to come to terms with a sentence he says is too light.

On Monday, Trevor Cook received a nine-year sentence for the stabbing death of Cory Brown, 40. Cook entered a downgraded plea, from second-degree murder to manslaughter, instead of going to trial for the September, 2014 offence.

While drunk, Cook stabbed Cory in his heart and multiple times elsewhere. In the ruling, the judge said he took into account the fact that Cook left Cory’s body untouched for hours afterwards.

Curtis said he believes Cook should have gotten three more years for the violent way he killed his brother.

“Add on top of it what he (Cook) did to him (Cory) after he killed him. And then his actions even more so after, they left to go get garbage bags to try to cover it up and everything like that. There was no… you know, the sentence did not fit what happened,” Curtis said.

“For us there’s no closure on this, there really isn’t. A person may say ‘well at least you got justice.’ Yes, Cory got justice in a sense that Trevor was arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced. But that’s all that happened yesterday (Monday).”

Curtis was in the courtroom when the nine-year sentence was handed out, and soon after was heard swearing loudly outside the room’s door.

Curtis admits emotions boiled over in some outbursts on Monday, but after taking a day to reflect Curtis said he and his family want to let go of their anger.

“We’re trying to put this into the best perspective to try to put this part behind us and move forward as a family. The family is just hurting, devastated. You know, we’ve got lots of healing to do and everything like that and that’s what we’re going to start focusing on,” Curtis said.

Defence had sought a seven to eight year range for Cook.